Company Profile

System Technic Engineering Pte. Ltd. is a service-oriented company which offers customers the most complete solutions pertaining to their needs on maintaining a reliable electrical utility network on their premises.

Why the need to maintain a reliable electrical utility network?
Electricity is to machinery as water is to human lives. Without electricity, production and all activities will come to a stand-still. Revenues and business opportunities will be lost and lives may be put at risk.

Hence a reliable electrical utility network is of utmost importance. This will help ensure continued uninterrupted supply of electricity to the customers' premises so that their activities will not be disrupted.

What we provide
System Technic Engineering Pte. Ltd. offers a competitive yet quality service in a complete package to enhance the reliability of our customers' electrical utility network. This package of proactive measures include:
  • Maintenance of High Voltage equipment such as Switchgears and Transformers
  • Maintenance of Low Voltage equipment such as Distribution Switchboards and Electrical Risers
  • Cable Testing
  • Partial Discharge Measurements
  • Ultra-sonic inspections
  • Infra-red thermographic surveys
  • Trouble-shooting of faults in the electrical network
Who are our clients?
Our clients include
  • Powergrid
  • Grade 'A' offices
  • High Tech Industrial Parks
  • Hotels and Condominiums
  • Data and Communications Centres
  • Government Institutions
  • Hospitals